Green Creative illustration for Sphère Publique

I am so excited that I can finally share this illustration! Last year I had the pleasure of working with Business France to create a couple of illustrations for Sphère Publique (SP). SP is a book that highlights French tech companies. The over all theme this year is, "French Start-Ups Reimagining the World." Each page consists of a brief explanation of each Start Up accompanied with an illustration based off of what they do. The briefing was pretty flexible and encouraged all artists involved to not be afraid of going out of the box and having fun with it. 

I was chosen to create an image for Green Creative. Green Creative has developed a smart and connected waste bin that automatically sorts and disposes of trash. That trash includes plastic cups, bottles, and cans. Green Creative and I worked closely on the direction of the illustration and thought it best that the image convey the inner workings of the bin but in a fun and re-imagined way. Out of that was birthed an image that sorts trash by way of conveyor belts and sorting machines. It was a blast to work on!


Originally I had this idea of illustrating a scene where the R3D3 bin was being used in context, like a university hallway. I would then sketch a sign above it implying what the machine does. Soon after this though I realized that this wasn't the best solution. So I went back to the drawing board and with more research and thought I created a new direction. It's much better I think. Green Creative was immediately on board and I had permission to proceed to the digital process. It was pretty seamless at this point. 

The colors were a little difficult to figure out on this one. As always that is the very thing I always get hung up on. Maybe it's because I am so anal about it. While I was working on this Pantone released their color of the year, that green color. I thought, "hey, I should use that." So I decided to add it to the illustration, it worked out perfectly. 

Closing Thoughts:

Thank you Valerie (my agent) for bringing such great clients my away. Especially when they challenge me to dig deeper regarding subject matter. This project was a blast.