Curiosity is a Risky Business

Why is curiosity so risky and at the same time so important to artists and designers? We know it never works out for the cat but I think it does for the creative person.

Curiosity drives our exploration and through it we come to a better understanding of what our strengths and weaknesses are. As curiosity has driven my exploration I have found that I enjoy illustration over design and I am better at it. This has taken years of failing and succeeding to figure it out. 

It’s the failing in our exploration that makes curiosity so risky. But without it we wouldn’t know what were good at or what we like. 

This has been on my mind over the past couple of weeks and felt creating something to go a long with it. This curious person on a rail road bridge came to mind. I am not saying to do as he does, but rather encourage you to think deeper and consider how your curiosity drives your exploration or if it does at all. 


Generally my sketches are normally rough. I get an idea in my head and I need to sketch it out to get a general direction. This is sketch it just that. It was quick and served it’s purpose and allowed me to begin creating digitally much sooner. Also, the good thing about my own projects is that I get to approve the sketch myself, no hassle with the client disliking it.


Color for me on this piece was extremely important. I really wanted to portray the night time and portray it well. My first attempt at creating the lit section was not a success, the colors were too bright. My second attempt was too dark, so instead I found a good middle ground which is the end result. 

Closing Thoughts:

I am humbled and thankful that you would take the time to read through this post and get a glimpse into my behind the scenes process. I really hope this illustration inspires you to explore your curiosity within your art. Good day!