Bar Maid

I've been a huge fan of the show Peaky Blinders since it was released on Netflix. I always felt that Thomas Shelby's relationship with the bar maid Grace was very unique. What I found more unique is the term bar maid and what it could represent. I became inspired and decided to create and illustration around the title "Bar Maid." 



In my interpretation I wanted to have one source of light coming from the top, a large bar with a latter and of course the bar maid. I also felt this was a great opportunity to work on body forms in a more organic fashion. I took some time to study the shape of the body, I even purchased the book Figure It Out! by Chris Hart. It's a great book for those looking to work on drawing people. 

The hardest part of this illustration for me was figuring out the color palette. It literally drove me crazy. After many trials I decided that the above palette worked just fine. I also battled with having a shadow of the latter and the bar maid. I understand that logically it makes sense but sometimes shadows can be overwhelming and create a terrible balance within the artwork. So as an artist I can defy logic if I feel it's necessary. As you can tell though I decided to add the shadows.

In the sketch below you will see that I didn't sketch everything out, time was an issue here as I wanted to release my new website by May 1st so I drew what was needed, the layout and the bar maid. The rest I created digitally.  

Close Ups:

Thank you for taking the time to look through this post. Here's to great work and a stocked bar, cheers!