Sudo Blog Hero Image

Over the past three months I have been working with the awesome team over at MetaLab. Most recently I was asked to create a unique and engaging hero image for Sudo's blog. Sudo allows you to navigate the digital world safely through texting, email, shopping etc. With the hero image we wanted to display the digital world while also highlighting what Sudo protects. We agreed that a "city of data" would be a great approach to showing that. Of course I immediately thought of all the cool Tron like vibes I wanted to bring to the project. I knew it was going to be a fun project.


Surfing the web for inspiration was a good time, I was drawing from Tron and a ton of 80's wave art. My reference board was immediately full and I was ready to go. After I felt my reference board was at a good point I began sketching out buildings. I looked at cities like New York and San Fransisco as resources. 

I originally wanted to create a visual that represented a covering over the city, that covering being Sudo protecting it's data. As I began sketching I felt like it would be a distraction from the buildings and make the illustration feel culture, it was very snow globe esque, if that makes sense. So I decided to ditch that and try to come up with a more subtle representation of protection. A gridded sky and background seemed ideal and it worked. 

The hardest part of this illustration was trying to figure out the color palette and gradient situation. All the imagery and inspiration I found was heavy in gradients. After some tinkering and playing around I think I came up with a good color palette and use of gradients. 

Closing Thoughts:

This was a great and challenging project for me. Tons of testing to see what works and what didn't (gradients). Don't be afraid to take on something new, like working in a new style. You will find difficulty and experimentation in the process but come out a better and broader illustrator or designer. 

You can see the live site of Sudo's blog here.