Eero Holiday Poster

About a month ago I was approached by Eero, a wifi system company out of San Fransisco. They contacted me about illustrating a print for their employees as Christmas gift. They had seen my write up in Design Milk and felt my style would be perfect for this project. We talked through the project and decided to move forward and I am so glad I did. Those people at Eero are great and the project was super fun!


Eero had asked that I create three different rough sketches. One being a more abstract depiction of the Eero unit resinating wifi and the other two being the Eero units in context, a home filled with holiday decorations. When I sent over all three and we agreed that I would continue working on the one point perspective illustration in the living room. 

The traditional one point perspective is new for me. Normally I work in an isometric guide but thought this was a great opportunity to expand my abilities and it worked out well. I love new opportunity's  that allow me to learn something new, it's even better when it's a success. 

One thing Eero asked me from the beginning is to add subtle wifi icons through the illustration. I saved that until it was completed. I had found that there were several ways that I add them, can you spot them? 

I originally presented the illustration with blues and a hint of a red but they felt it was too cold and they desired the illustration be more warm. I sat down and came up with an alternative color palette and they loved it! The result was a a warm green paired with a a bright red. 

Close Ups:

Closing Thoughts:

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have worked on this project, it was a blast. Thanks Paul Nangeroni and Rob Ashe, you guys were great to work with. Hopefully there will be more opportunity to work with Eero next year!

Happy Holidays!