Falls Church Recycles

Last month I received an email from Kristen Argenio at Ideal Design Co. seeking an illustrator. Their most recent client is the city of Falls Church Virginia. A small city outside of Washington DC that prides themselves of recycling. To celebrate their success in recycling the city decided to create a book about it. Kristen asked me to create a cover that encompasses the landmarks around the city, encourages recycling, and create it in a way to re-use the elements in the cover through out the book. After a few emails my mind had several visuals waiting to be sketched out. 


After narrowing down the visuals I came up with two. Each concept was then sketched out and made into a proposal. Generally during this phase I do what I call a quick sketch. A quick sketch allows me to get a visual down on paper but in a timely manner. This helps guide me during the digital process and serves as a communication tool to help clients understand my direction. After each sketch is complete I throw them into proposals and send them to the client.

Once I sent both proposals over to Kristen she approved the direction below. I think the weird line work really interested her. You will notice the title section is missing, at this point the title hadn't been decided so I sketched what I could. 


The icons were created to work well together on the front page but also as individuals through out the book. Below you will see each one displayed in a singular manner, allowing you to understand how they could work by themselves. 

Closing Thoughts

I would like to thank Kristen Argenio for reaching out to me for this project and being a great client to work with. I am truly thankful for projects like these.