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Porsche x Rabbit Hole Derby Party

This Derby season I was approached to partner with the Porsche x Rabbit Hole Derby Party to produce promo material for this event. This party not only celebrated the Kentucky Derby but also the grand opening of Rabbit Hole's new distillery. When I got the proposal I became ecstatic, I'm a hug fan of both brands. 

I approached both brands a little differently in concept. With Porsche I wanted to celebrate their brand and their product, while also celebrating the Kentucky Derby. I can recall a day where I was driving through the rolling hills of horse country here in Kentucky and passed a fleet of Porsches, maybe 10 of them. This memory came to mind immediately and I had to recreate it but highlighting only one car, a vintage Porsche 911. 

The Rabbit Hole illustration really highlights just the brand. I think because it's rooted here in Kentucky it doesn't need the Kentucky theme, just celebrating the brand is good enough. Rabbit Hole has four different spirits, each are in the same bottle but are separated by different color labels. So I felt I should focus on those colors. I also wanted to emphasize the the rabbit hole. I thought having each bottle pouring down the Rabbit Hole could be fun, so I made that happen. 


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