Jeremy Booth


New Things

Photo Oct 31, 12 28 39 PM.jpg

I don't know if I ever really considered painting until recently. It stated as a thought, then moved from my head, to my iPad, and then late summer last year I began working on my first painting. It was all completely new to me but felt extremely natural. 

Don't get me wrong, the first few were learning experiences and not to the level of work that I am proud of. The good news is that I learned quickly and developed a style in a matter of months. I had a few directions I wanted to take the work but my sole focus was to create work that represents me and can be immediately recognized as something I created.  

I didn't really know where this would take me or if I'd even like it but I knew I needed to try. So here I am working on my fourth painting and having so much fun. I love that I can paint what I want when I want with no limitations or clients telling me other wise. I can be transparent through the entire painting process and I love it. This isn't at all how it is with my illustration work, now I have something to balance it with. 

Hopefully this new edition (painting) doesn't throw my audience off but rather it be something new and refreshing for them while also expanding to new people.


Jeremy Booth