Green Creative illustration for Sphère Publique

I am so excited that I can finally share this illustration! Last year I had the pleasure of working with Business France to create a couple of illustrations for Sphère Publique (SP). SP is a book that highlights French tech companies. The over all theme this year is, "French Start-Ups Reimagining the World." Each page consists of a brief explanation of each Start Up accompanied with an illustration based off of what they do. The briefing was pretty flexible and encouraged all artists involved to not be afraid of going out of the box and having fun with it. 

I was chosen to create an image for Green Creative. Green Creative has developed a smart and connected waste bin that automatically sorts and disposes of trash. That trash includes plastic cups, bottles, and cans. Green Creative and I worked closely on the direction of the illustration and thought it best that the image convey the inner workings of the bin but in a fun and re-imagined way. Out of that was birthed an image that sorts trash by way of conveyor belts and sorting machines. It was a blast to work on!


Originally I had this idea of illustrating a scene where the R3D3 bin was being used in context, like a university hallway. I would then sketch a sign above it implying what the machine does. Soon after this though I realized that this wasn't the best solution. So I went back to the drawing board and with more research and thought I created a new direction. It's much better I think. Green Creative was immediately on board and I had permission to proceed to the digital process. It was pretty seamless at this point. 

The colors were a little difficult to figure out on this one. As always that is the very thing I always get hung up on. Maybe it's because I am so anal about it. While I was working on this Pantone released their color of the year, that green color. I thought, "hey, I should use that." So I decided to add it to the illustration, it worked out perfectly. 

Closing Thoughts:

Thank you Valerie (my agent) for bringing such great clients my away. Especially when they challenge me to dig deeper regarding subject matter. This project was a blast. 

Eero Holiday Poster

About a month ago I was approached by Eero, a wifi system company out of San Fransisco. They contacted me about illustrating a print for their employees as Christmas gift. They had seen my write up in Design Milk and felt my style would be perfect for this project. We talked through the project and decided to move forward and I am so glad I did. Those people at Eero are great and the project was super fun!


Eero had asked that I create three different rough sketches. One being a more abstract depiction of the Eero unit resinating wifi and the other two being the Eero units in context, a home filled with holiday decorations. When I sent over all three and we agreed that I would continue working on the one point perspective illustration in the living room. 

The traditional one point perspective is new for me. Normally I work in an isometric guide but thought this was a great opportunity to expand my abilities and it worked out well. I love new opportunity's  that allow me to learn something new, it's even better when it's a success. 

One thing Eero asked me from the beginning is to add subtle wifi icons through the illustration. I saved that until it was completed. I had found that there were several ways that I add them, can you spot them? 

I originally presented the illustration with blues and a hint of a red but they felt it was too cold and they desired the illustration be more warm. I sat down and came up with an alternative color palette and they loved it! The result was a a warm green paired with a a bright red. 

Close Ups:

Closing Thoughts:

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have worked on this project, it was a blast. Thanks Paul Nangeroni and Rob Ashe, you guys were great to work with. Hopefully there will be more opportunity to work with Eero next year!

Happy Holidays! 

Procreate FTW

It's been a week and half since I bit the bullet ad bought and iPad Pro accompanied with the Pencil and hot damn I am so glad I did. I have been eyeing it since it's release but never committed. It wasn't until recently that I felt I could justify the purchase thanks to a retainer gig I picked up. The job consists of me doing several lettering pieces a week and I knew I had to streamline the process. So I gave in. I also took sometime to play with some illustration.

I don't sell myself as a letterer anymore but as a freelancer consistent income is helpful. That's neither here nor there. When I bought it I immediately downloaded Procreate. Procreate is a powerful drawing tool that only costs $5.99. Like I said earlier I have never used a drawing tablet before so I have no past experience to compare, but oh my it's awesome. Using Procreate paired with the Apple Pencil feels really close to sketching and drawing. 

There are a few things I have found that I really like so I feel a Pros list might be helpful. No pro list is complete without the con, I will be fair and give both. Either way, the pros exceed the cons.


It comes with 96 awesome brushes that are completely adjustasble.

The drawing experience feels close to drawing analog.

Brushes like the brush pen make it a powerful tool for letterer. 

Sketch and complete your project all in one place. Things like scanning and erasing with a pencil are a thing of the past. 

Two finger tap is undo. Can I get an amen. 

Save as a psd and open it up in Photoshop. All layers are there! 

Create and import your own brushes. 

Experiment with different mediums that wouldn't have before. It's all there.

Procreate records everything you do, when you finish your artwork you can then choose to export a video time lapse of what you created.


You can't group layers. They claim that they are working on this atm.

It's been hard for me not to work in vector, just a personal thing. Lol

Not much in the cons section for me yet, that's a good thing. Below is a time lapse video of the Fire Escape I drew in Procreate. I hope it gives you a small glimpse of how awesome it is. 





Curiosity is a Risky Business

Why is curiosity so risky and at the same time so important to artists and designers? We know it never works out for the cat but I think it does for the creative person.

Curiosity drives our exploration and through it we come to a better understanding of what our strengths and weaknesses are. As curiosity has driven my exploration I have found that I enjoy illustration over design and I am better at it. This has taken years of failing and succeeding to figure it out. 

It’s the failing in our exploration that makes curiosity so risky. But without it we wouldn’t know what were good at or what we like. 

This has been on my mind over the past couple of weeks and felt creating something to go a long with it. This curious person on a rail road bridge came to mind. I am not saying to do as he does, but rather encourage you to think deeper and consider how your curiosity drives your exploration or if it does at all. 


Generally my sketches are normally rough. I get an idea in my head and I need to sketch it out to get a general direction. This is sketch it just that. It was quick and served it’s purpose and allowed me to begin creating digitally much sooner. Also, the good thing about my own projects is that I get to approve the sketch myself, no hassle with the client disliking it.


Color for me on this piece was extremely important. I really wanted to portray the night time and portray it well. My first attempt at creating the lit section was not a success, the colors were too bright. My second attempt was too dark, so instead I found a good middle ground which is the end result. 

Closing Thoughts:

I am humbled and thankful that you would take the time to read through this post and get a glimpse into my behind the scenes process. I really hope this illustration inspires you to explore your curiosity within your art. Good day!

Bar Maid

I've been a huge fan of the show Peaky Blinders since it was released on Netflix. I always felt that Thomas Shelby's relationship with the bar maid Grace was very unique. What I found more unique is the term bar maid and what it could represent. I became inspired and decided to create and illustration around the title "Bar Maid." 



In my interpretation I wanted to have one source of light coming from the top, a large bar with a latter and of course the bar maid. I also felt this was a great opportunity to work on body forms in a more organic fashion. I took some time to study the shape of the body, I even purchased the book Figure It Out! by Chris Hart. It's a great book for those looking to work on drawing people. 

The hardest part of this illustration for me was figuring out the color palette. It literally drove me crazy. After many trials I decided that the above palette worked just fine. I also battled with having a shadow of the latter and the bar maid. I understand that logically it makes sense but sometimes shadows can be overwhelming and create a terrible balance within the artwork. So as an artist I can defy logic if I feel it's necessary. As you can tell though I decided to add the shadows.

In the sketch below you will see that I didn't sketch everything out, time was an issue here as I wanted to release my new website by May 1st so I drew what was needed, the layout and the bar maid. The rest I created digitally.  

Close Ups:

Thank you for taking the time to look through this post. Here's to great work and a stocked bar, cheers!

Joel Bear x Jeremy Booth

About a month ago I met Joel Bear in Los Angeles. Soon after I began following his work on instagram and noticed his love for harsh lighting and dark shadows. His style is very similar to mine but in a different context. I reached out to him weeks later to see if he had any interest of a collaboration. That collaboration consisted of taking three of his photos and creating my own illustrative interpretation. Those photos and illustrations are side by side below. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did creating them. 

Sudo Blog Hero Image

Over the past three months I have been working with the awesome team over at MetaLab. Most recently I was asked to create a unique and engaging hero image for Sudo's blog. Sudo allows you to navigate the digital world safely through texting, email, shopping etc. With the hero image we wanted to display the digital world while also highlighting what Sudo protects. We agreed that a "city of data" would be a great approach to showing that. Of course I immediately thought of all the cool Tron like vibes I wanted to bring to the project. I knew it was going to be a fun project.


Surfing the web for inspiration was a good time, I was drawing from Tron and a ton of 80's wave art. My reference board was immediately full and I was ready to go. After I felt my reference board was at a good point I began sketching out buildings. I looked at cities like New York and San Fransisco as resources. 

I originally wanted to create a visual that represented a covering over the city, that covering being Sudo protecting it's data. As I began sketching I felt like it would be a distraction from the buildings and make the illustration feel culture, it was very snow globe esque, if that makes sense. So I decided to ditch that and try to come up with a more subtle representation of protection. A gridded sky and background seemed ideal and it worked. 

The hardest part of this illustration was trying to figure out the color palette and gradient situation. All the imagery and inspiration I found was heavy in gradients. After some tinkering and playing around I think I came up with a good color palette and use of gradients. 

Closing Thoughts:

This was a great and challenging project for me. Tons of testing to see what works and what didn't (gradients). Don't be afraid to take on something new, like working in a new style. You will find difficulty and experimentation in the process but come out a better and broader illustrator or designer. 

You can see the live site of Sudo's blog here. 

Falls Church Recycles

Last month I received an email from Kristen Argenio at Ideal Design Co. seeking an illustrator. Their most recent client is the city of Falls Church Virginia. A small city outside of Washington DC that prides themselves of recycling. To celebrate their success in recycling the city decided to create a book about it. Kristen asked me to create a cover that encompasses the landmarks around the city, encourages recycling, and create it in a way to re-use the elements in the cover through out the book. After a few emails my mind had several visuals waiting to be sketched out. 


After narrowing down the visuals I came up with two. Each concept was then sketched out and made into a proposal. Generally during this phase I do what I call a quick sketch. A quick sketch allows me to get a visual down on paper but in a timely manner. This helps guide me during the digital process and serves as a communication tool to help clients understand my direction. After each sketch is complete I throw them into proposals and send them to the client.

Once I sent both proposals over to Kristen she approved the direction below. I think the weird line work really interested her. You will notice the title section is missing, at this point the title hadn't been decided so I sketched what I could. 


The icons were created to work well together on the front page but also as individuals through out the book. Below you will see each one displayed in a singular manner, allowing you to understand how they could work by themselves. 

Closing Thoughts

I would like to thank Kristen Argenio for reaching out to me for this project and being a great client to work with. I am truly thankful for projects like these.